• Name: Allianza
  • Current Location: Maryland
  • Tattoo Details: A verse from the Quran meaning, “for you is your way, for me is mine.”
  • Tattoo Meaning: I got this tattoo as a reminder to myself that it’s always okay to go against the grain.  I was born Muslim and as I got older  I realized Buddhism was more for me. But I couldn’t help but  feel guilt because I was going against my first born religion and had began to have an underlying idea that maybe I was  going to hell despite that I found solace in Buddhism and that I was wrong for making this change. Around the time I got the tattoo I  had learned how to accept myself and always go with what is right FOR ME. I  remembered this verse I was taught in private school about a nonbeliever going against their faith- and the prophet had reassured them that it wasn’t a huge deal- you go on your own way and others will go theirs.
  • My Contact Information:
  • Tattoo Artist Contact Information:
    -Nardo Thompson
    -Electric Lady in Indian Head Maryland


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