• Name: Amanda Rogers & Matt James
  • Current Location: Michigan

  • Tattoo Details: My Quote “I love him not for the way he silenced my demons but the way his demons danced with mine” with blood splatter pattern and Harley Quinn diamonds. His Quote “Love is about being able to see light inside a person who sees nothing but darkness” with blood splatter and Joker face silhouette

  • Tattoo Meaning: They are a couples tattoo. The quotes mean a lot to us. When we met we had both just been in a really bad place in life. We both kind of healed each other. Thus the quotes.

  • My Contact:
    Email: mandigurl1986@gmail.com
    Amanda Facebook
  • Artist Information:
    -Name: Doug Sheffer
    -Shop: A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing LLC


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