• Name: Chris Lane “Rockkstar”
  • Location/Date Born: Washington D.C./12-13-1970
  • Tattooing since: 2006
  • Resides: Waldorf, Maryland
  • Current shop name/location: Tailored Tattoo in Waldorf, Maryland.
  • Equipment used: Mickey Sharpz shader & liner.
  • What made you start tattooing: I was always an artist and I got tired of working at a bank after 8 years so I became a tattoo artist.
  • Piece done on me: Pheonix vs. dragon on back, karma symbol on bottom of foot, woman symbol on arm, and matching sister arrow tattoo on arm.
  • Most memorable tattoo: A 3D armor and chain piece because it was challenging and rewarding.
  • If you were not an artist, what would you be: Business manager.
  • Hobby outside of tattooing: Musician, guitarist, or a songwriter.
  • Short term goal: Improve saturations with white ink.
  • Contact
    -Email: Rockstarpower333@gmail.com

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