• Name: Cinthia Heredia
  • Current Location: Santa Rosa, Califnoria
  • Tattoo Details: A unicorn
  • Tattoo Meaning: I’m my parents first born, which that’s how my unicorn tattoo is brought up.  My Unicorn tattoo is actually originally a tattoo that my father has, he got it done when I was born with my name on it of course, 21 years later I now have it, but this time with is name.  My father isn’t big on gifts or material things. But when I showed him, I knew he felt extra special.  I know spiritually he will always be with me forever, BUT I will never forget the smile it gave him.
  • My Contact
    – Email: Cinthiaheredia72@yahoo.com
  • Tattoo Artist Contact:
    – Name:  Adrian

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