• Name: Fresh Styles
  • Location/Date Born: Bronx, NY/06-14-1987
  • Tattooing since: 2009
  • Currently Resides: Melrose Ave
  • Current shop name/location: Black Ink Gallery
  • Equipment (coil/rotary) used: Cheyenne Hawk Pen
  • What sparked your love of art?: Graffiti
  • How’d you end up becoming a tattoo artist?I’ve always loved drawing and wanted to excel in my talent.
  • Most memorable tattoo you’ve done: I tattooed my daughters name on myself.
  • Have you ever tattooed yourself?: Yes, plenty of times.
  • Any tattoos you refuse to do because of any reason like the idea/placement?: Haven’t refused any as of yet.
  • How do you handle negative feedback?: It’s just a persons opinion.
  • What signature style do you think you excel in?: Black and grey.
  • What has been the biggest change in your life since you’ve became more popular?: Working in Black Ink and meeting different people and artist from all over.
  • What moment so far in your career that you think you will never forget?The moment a client cried because of a tattoo I did on them.
  • If you were not a tattoo artist, what would you be? An artist of some other kind.
  • Any other art related hobbies?: Graffiti, airbrushing, and designing clothes.
  • Hobby outside of anything art related: Music
  • Short term goal: To get more advanced in my black and grey.
  • Long term goal: Eventually open up a shop of my own.


-Email: freshstylesob@gmail.com

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