I let my artist, Tim (epicly) freestyle the background but I bought all the printed out stencils with me because I had the vision of what I wanted in my mind for some time and I knew Tim would put all together while adding his own unique style. I chose Ganesh (or Ganesha), the most popular symbol of Hinduism. He is the lord of good fortune who provides prosperity and success, and is also known to bring new beginnings and remove obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds. Underneath is a self explanatory quote that says, “Love is enough”. On my inner arm is an image of a person hanging from balloons that are shaped as a heart. I got it straight from a phone case I had once before and loved because it reminds me of a child holding a balloon, never letting go of their dreams. Above that is the most important part of my tattoo. A dedication to my nephew, Jeremiah.It has his name and birth date, along with the quote I always say to him, “…to the moon and back.” Lastly are birds wrapping around my entire arm that originate from my opposite arm in the form of a dandelion.

Artist: Tim Knecht

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