• Name: Jeezus
  • Currently Resides: Bronx, NY
  • Current shop name/location: Black Ink Tattoo Studio
  • What sparked your love of art?: Being in prison and seeing how all of the inmates used anything they could get their hands on to create art from nothing.
  • How’d you end up becoming a tattoo artist? I saw the frenzy tattooing created in prison even though they didn’t have proper equipment so when I got out I told myself that I would buy actual equipment and do it myself.
  • Most memorable tattoo you’ve done: The first three tattoos I did on my homeboys on fingers because if it weren’t for them showing their support and allowing me to tattoo them then I may not have ever started.
  • Have you ever tattooed yourself?: Yes, when I first started. I had been tattooing for six months it hurt so bad. I had to keep my focus to be able to keep the lines straight and I had to go over it a few times.
  • Any tattoos you refuse to do because of any reason like the idea/placement?: A males butt or groin area.
  • How do you handle negative feedback?: I take it as a lesson. If it’s something I did wrong then I can learn from it for future tattoos.
  • What signature style do you think you excel in?: Black and grey.
  • If you were not a tattoo artist, what would you be? I was working to become a firefighter in the military, so if anything that would be it.
  • Any other art related hobbies?: Crazy stuff like jet skiing. I love the water. Anything outdoors like hiking.
  • Short term goal: Be featured in a magazine.
  • Long term goal: Open up a successful tattoo shop.


-Email: artbyjeezus@gmail.com

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