• Name: Jenna Cole
  • Current Location: Mechanicsville, Maryland
  • Tattoo Details: a Timber Rattlesnake surrounded by magenta crystals
  • Tattoo Meaning: Represents my love for snakes & adventure. I go hiking to find and appreciate the beauty of this species, as well as other animal species, and I find great thrill and peace while out hiking. I’m about to move away to an area where these snakes do not live, and the tattoo will serve as a permanent memory of my great adventures in the woods looking for these beautiful creatures!
  • Contact:
    -Email: Jennacole94@gmail.com
  • Tattoo Artist Contact:
    -Name: Cory Brown
    -Shop: Ink Junkeez in White Plains, MD
    -Email: Inkjunkeez301@gmail.com


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