• Name: Jeremy Elliot
  • Location/Date Born: Denver, Colorado/04-19-1976
  • Tattooing since: 2009
  • Resides: Englewood, Colorado
  • Current shop name/location: Blue Rose Tattoo in Boulder, Colorado
  • Equipment used: Pulse
  • What made you start tattooing: Life
  • Piece done on me: Mermaid on leg, salamander on leg, skull on feet, Shiva on thigh.
  • Most memorable tattoo: Elmer Fudd on an asshole.
  • If you were not an artist, what would you be: Strip club manager.
  • Hobby outside of tattooing: Golf.
  • Short term goal: Life.
  • Contact
    -Email: Tatzsbyjeremy@hotmail.com

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