Mandalas symbolize all of the energy of the universe, which I desperately needed all of for this cover up. I originally got leopard print (before the “phase”) because I was somewhat of a tomboy with no “girly” tattoos so in my mind I just wanted something that might be a little sexy. I got it and loved it at the time, and even went back to add more spots months later. When I noticed the amount of people who started getting this tattoo there was no way I was going to walk around with it. I went from artist to artist who all but one told me it would be impossible to cover up. Then one day I discussed it with artist Pat Kelly and he started to blow my mind with all of his ideas. I agreed to let him do this black out tattoo with white ink and here we are! It’s still not done, and though he’s done others on me, THIS cover up tattoo is what convinced me that he is hands down my favorite artist (sorry guys). 🙂    


Artist: Pat Kelly

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