★ Name: Melissa R. Kang

★ Current Location: Maryland

★ Tattoo Details: “Mahalin mo ang sarili mo” (“love yourself” in Tagalog, which is a Filipino dialect).

★ Tattoo Meaning: I recently got this because I wanted to get something that reminded me of my grandmother who recently passed. It will be a whole year she has been gone on July 31st. At a very young age my mother’s mother would tell me to “love yourself, before you love anyone else because if you don’t know how to love yourself you can’t love others”. It was always “love yourself” in the sweetest Filipino accent. I miss her dearly…which is why this latest tattoo makes it even more special. My grandmother was my keeper. She practically raised me. I was her favorite. It was taboo. My whole family knew. I decided to get it on my side because it was something that was for me. That whenever I looked in the mirror of myself, that I would remember what my grandmother would say to me.

★ Contact Information:

-Instagram: @fil0rean

-Facebook: Melissa Kang

-Email: filorean@icloud.com

★ Tattoo Artist Contact Information:

-Name: Ian

-Shop Name & Location: Champion Tattoo Company @ 719th 8th St., SE, Washington,


-Instagram: @championtattoocompany

-Website: www.championtattoocompany.com

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