• Name: Pat Kelly
  • Location/Date Born: Washington, D.C./10-14-1986
  • Tattooing since: 2010
  • Resides: Boulder, Colorado
  • Current shop name/location: Metamorphosis Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Lyons Colorado
  • Equipment used: Neotat machines, Dynamic Ink, Fusion Ink, Eternal Ink, critical power supply, pride needles, hydra needles.
  • What made you start tattooing: The art.
  • Piece done on me: Cover up on thigh, design on lower stomach, mandala on chest, mirror on arm, compass on arm, cat skull on arm, 3D piece on neck, and dove on neck.
  • Most memorable tattoo: A hand tattoo done at the North Carolina Tattoo Expo.
  • If you were not an artist, what would you be: Horticulturalist.
  • Hobby outside of tattooing: Cars.
  • Short term goal: Buy a house in Colorado.
  • Contact
    -Email: Pkelly.tats@gmail.com
    pat1 pat2 pat3
  • Mini Portfolio: 

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