• Name:

  • Location/Date born:
    Manhattan/February 13th 1982

  • Currently Resides:
    Bronx, NY
  • Current shop name/location:
    Art2Ink/New York, NY

  • Featured/Published:
    DC Mella Mag
  • What sparked your love of art?:
    I grew up in the birth of hip hop. Everywhere I looked there was graffiti, street artists, video games, and business owners who harbor the art of starting something from the bottom and seeing how far creativity can take it.

  • Whats your favorite part about owning your own shop?
    I love the fact that I am able to watch others grow as artist and as humans in general. Being able to help feels good, and watching them become the best that they can be feels even better.
  • What makes Art2Ink different from Ink124?
    The major difference is their locations, which bring different people and different vibes. Another difference is my staff. Some artist stuck with me from the old shop to the new shop and that reassures me that they are genuinely there for me.
  • What has been the biggest positive change in your life since your television appearance?
    Having this platform that give me the ability to help others. People often tell me that they appreciate me being a good reflection of black culture on television because they watch me go through struggles threw my trials and tribulations but still fight to be the best man that I can be for my family.
  • What has been the biggest negative change in your life since your television appearance?
    Everyone knowing my name. I hear someone scream my name down the street and I have to take a moment to see if I actually know the person and then figure out if it that is a good or a bad thing. This whole situation is a gift and a curse. I often run into overly evasive people who feel entitled to a picture not knowing if I have had a bad day or not and even feel like smiling for a picture, but if I say no then I am the worst person on Earth. I also can’t go out like to a Childish Gambino concert with friends and vibe in the crowd without causing a scene. I don’t want to be in VIP. I just want to blend in with the mix and enjoy a good time with my friends without there being a huge distraction because of me.
  • What moment so far in your career that you think you will never forget?
    The day my child was born, and the day I married her mother in Jamaica. I will never forget either of those things. All the other things can and will disappear with time but my family will always be constant and something that I can cherish forever.
  • How do you handle negative feedback?
    With positive vibrations. Like Kanye says, “If they’re talking then you’re doing something right, and if they’re not then it’s a problem.”

  • Any other art related hobbies?
    Music producing. One of the songs that I’ve produced was on a mix tape. I was an audio engineer but that profession is very hard just to make money because of all of the loopholes in the music industry. I decided to take a different direction, and that was art but I still dabble in music. I have a lot of friends who are well known rappers and I listen to their music and give my opinions. A lot of people don’t know this about me  and it surprises people but it is something that I’ve always loved and been good at.
  • Short term goal:
    Write a TV show that’s relatable. I miss the old 90’s themed shows like A Different World and Living Single. Those shows shined a positive light on black people by showing them actually doing productive things and living normal lives. I loved them because they were more uplifting and less ratchet and I would want my show to portray the same aspects.

  • Long term goal:
    To raise my child to be a productive member of society who does something with her life that she wants to do and not that I want her to do.

  • Contact:
    -Email: Pumanyc213@gmail.com
    -Shop Instagram


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