• Name:

  • Location/Date born:
    Brooklyn, NY/1985

  • Currently Resides:
    Bronx, NY
  • Tattooing for:
    7 years

  • Current shop name/location:
    Art2Ink/New York, NY

  • Equipment used:
    Depends on the effect desired in the piece that I am doing.

  • What sparked your love of art?:
    Being able to connect with the divine present moment of creativity.

  • Most memorable tattoo you’ve done:
    I did both sleeves on one of my friends who grew up in New York. On one arm the theme was all of the good/positive aspects about the city, and on the other arm is all of the bad/negative aspects.
  • Have you ever tattooed yourself?:
    Yes. I did my first tattoo on myself and it was a half sleeve. None of my friends would let me do a tattoo on them so I practiced on myself to convince people that I could do it and it worked.
  • How do you handle negative feedback?
    Depends. I either ground it into a compliment or egg on their negativity to show them the error in their ways.
  • Any tattoos you refuse to do because of any reason like the idea/placement?:
    If a person wants something then that means it holds value to them and who am I to tell them that they are wrong for that? I would refer them to a artist that could portray that negative energy into their tattoo the way they want it.

  • What signature style do you think you excel in?

  • What moment so far in your career that you think you will never forget?
    My first tattoo which was on myself.
  • If you were not a tattoo artist, what would you be?

  • Any other art related hobbies?
    Oil painting, watercolor, pastels, meditation, reading, and thinking.
  • Short term goal:
    Self mastery.

  • Long term goal:
    Self mastery. If I master myself I can be the greatest version of myself. Life’s journey/lesson never stops.

  • Contact:
    -Email: artbypurpl@gmail.com

  • Mini Portfolio:
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