• Name:
    Quint Maddox
  • Location/Date Born:
    New Jersey/05-01-1987
  • Tattooing since:
  • Currently Resides:
    New York, NY
  • Current shop name/location:
    Black Ink
  • Equipment (coil/rotary) used:
    Cheyenne Hawk Thunder
  • What sparked your love of art?:
    Art has been a part of my family so it was only right that I accepted the passed down talent.
  • How’d you end up becoming a tattoo artist?
    Friends in South Carolina with strong confidence in my ability to succeed as a tattoo artist.
  • Piece done on Zuri:
    Moth on thigh.
  • Most memorable tattoo you’ve done:
    I’ll just say that I have more memorable moments while I was tattooing compared to a tattoo I feel stands out the best.
  • Have you ever tattooed yourself?:
    I definitely have. I think any tattoo artist that takes it seriously will. But in my early stages I gave myself some tattoos worthy of being covered.
  • Any tattoos you refuse to do because of any reason like the idea/placement?:
    Only tattoos that I feel I may be too controversial and placement wise I’m tattooing any area, IF and I AND the client are comfortable.
  • How do you handle negative feedback?:
    As positive feedback. Simple.
  • What signature style do you think you excel in?
    Any honestly. Black and gray, color, script, abstract… all areas.
  • What has been the biggest change in your life since you’ve became more popular?
    Being more open minded as with being patient with people in general.
  • What moment so far in your career that you think you will never forget?
    At the moment, probably my first tattoo at a convention that I actually tattooed. Conventions are a great experience with good competition.
  • If you were not a tattoo artist, what would you be?
    I’d be continuing with an empty career in manufacturing.
  • Any other art related hobbies?:
    Social media. Flyers, business cards, logo designing, clothing designing, painting, drawing, and sketching.
  • Hobby outside of anything art related:
    My life is solely dedicated to art and tattooing.
  • Short term goal:
    Take over whatever area I step foot in.
  • Long term goal:
    Be a well-known African American artist in the tattoo industry. A hard but welcomed goal.


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