• Name: Francisco Tanchez
  • Location/Date Born: Manassas, Virginia/10-24-1986
  • Tattooing since: 2012
  • Resides: Manassas Virginia
  • Current shop name/location: Tanchez Collective in Manassas, Virginia.
  • Equipment used: Bishop Rotaries
  • What made you start tattooing: I’ve always drawn little designs for my friends, so one day I brought a tattoo kit and started practicing on my friends.
  • Piece done on me: Sunflower on knee, flowers on nipples, transcend symbol under chin.
  • Most memorable tattoo: Tattooed “crzy fox” on a 1st grade teacher’s toes.
  • If you were not an artist, what would you be: Computer technician.
  • Hobby outside of tattooing: Building/construction.
  • Short term goal: Open my own shop.
  • Contact
    -Email: tanchezink@gmail.com
  • Mini Portfolio:
    tanchez3 tanchez 2 tanchez33

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